Our Service Packages


Whether you need a few services or the full premium package, Ashley Ritz Virtual Solutions has you covered. Or create your own package to fit your specific business needs! Contact me to discuss packaging options or adding services that are not specifically listed. 


Service Packages


Custom packages can be created to fit your specific business needs. Contact me to discuss services and pricing.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need a service that isn't listed?

If you need a service not listed, contact me! Ashley Ritz Virtual Solutions is ever evolving. I love to learn new programs or systems and will gladly take on the challenge! No task is too big or too small to take on. 

I need a project manager, but just for a one-time project. Is that something you do?

Absolutely! Some companies don’t do projects year-round, or maybe they have too many on their plate and need an extra hand for a short time. I am happy to help with short or long-term projects and business needs. 

Do you have a referral program? Like refer a friend?

Yes! If you know someone who is in need of a Virtual Assistant or Project Manager, please feel free to pass along my information. Just make sure they mention you as my client and if they sign on, you’ll receive a 10% discount off one month of services. 

I really love the package options, but it's not in my budget. How can we make it work?

Great question! All the packages can be modified to either add/delete a service or change the number of hours each month. If you only need 20 hours instead of 40 per month, then we can discuss a custom package to fit your needs! 

What if I don't use up all the hours for the month? Can I roll them over or will they expire?

The hours do need to be used within the 30 day period, however, if it continually happens, we can discuss modifying your package to fit you better. If you seem to be off-track by a lot at the half-way point in the month, I will contact you to discuss. We can see if there are any other tasks I can take off your hands to use up the hours. 

I don't want a package. Do you bill hourly?

While I do prefer working with the packages as it keeps expectations clear among both sides, I can also bill hourly. Contact me and we can discuss your needs and provide you with a rate. 

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