About Me


Ashley Ritz is an entrepreneur, just like you. She is building her business with you in mind. She puts her skills to work and her hard work won’t go unnoticed. 

01. Strategic

Every business is different and has different needs. I carefully plan to serve a particular direction or goal. I will help keep you focused on your long-term goals to ensure you reach them. 

02. Professional

With a background in working for both the private and public sectors, I bring a strong sense of professionalism to the table. While fun should be allowed in the workplace, it’s also important to serve my clients with the utmost professionalism. 

03. Loyal

Although I work as an independent contractor, I treat my clients as if I work directly for them. I treat your business as if it was my very own. 


Professionalism Guaranteed

Ashley Ritz


Hi, I’m Ashley. Nice to meet you! I’m a 20-something mom and wife turned entrepreneur.

My love for creating systems and efficiencies both in everyday life and in my previous work life brought about my desire to start my own business helping others.  And so Ashley Ritz Virtual Solutions was born.

Before starting this business I worked in both the private and public sectors learning all different skills. I handled insurance claims for an insurance company to auditing state contracts. I always loved certain parts of my job, but never the actual job itself. I worked with some pretty awesome people though!

I was always the go-to person for things like, “Hey my email is acting weird can you help?” or “I know you handled this before, can you show me where to go?” or “Can you send me that resource you have?”. From both my managers and co-workers, I was their fix-it/get-it-done girl. And I loved solving their problems. Ah, such a sense of accomplishment. 

When I decided to start a family, I knew I needed a change. I didn’t want to go back to the typical 9-5 being told, “You work too fast. Slow down. You are making everyone else look bad.”

Yes – actual sentences I have heard many times throughout my career. 

I was the person finished working by 10 am when most of my co-workers hadn’t even finished their coffee yet. But I still had to sit there all day…

I was not working to my fullest potential. I knew I was worth more than that. My skills were better suited elsewhere.

This is why I knew becoming a Virtual Assistant and Project Manager was who I was meant to be. The parts of the jobs that I mentioned before? The parts I love? Those are the parts other business owners typically dislike or at least don’t have time for.

Tasks like inbox management (inbox zero makes my heart sing!), creating systems and finding more efficient ways to do things, admin tasks, project management, and so on. I thrive off doing the behind-the-scenes type stuff. I am a people pleaser. I enjoy serving those that appreciate the skill-set I have. 

Speed and efficiency should not be seen as a drawback but as a positive. Your business has goals to reach! Money to be made! Time is of the essence and I use the time to it’s fullest potential.

After taking the “16 Personalities” test, (I am a “Defender” ISFJ by the way) it validated my decision in becoming a VA/PM.

To take a direct quote from it, “In many ways, ISFJs are the backbone of the modern workforce. Altruistic and well-rounded, no other personality type is so well-suited to be of service of others. It is no surprise that many ISFJs are not just good at supporting their coworkers and customers in human resources and support positions, they genuinely enjoy it, as it gives them the chance to calm frustrations, see things through to a practical solution, and to be thanked, appreciated, at the close of each ordeal.” (source)

I may be a one-woman show but can produce the work of a 3-person team. Let my high-level productivity help you reach your goals!


What I Do Best

project management

Whether it’s a one-time project or on-going, I can help. From beginning to end, I will see it through.


I have an eye for detail and can spot typos a mile away. They stick out like a sore thumb to me. Let me proofread your docs before sending them out into the world. 

website maintenance

Does your site need a little facelift? Or a new theme installed? Contact me to help!


Ready to drop all the tedious, small tasks it takes to run a business? I am your go-to. Admin tasks are my jam. Let me get you organized and back to what you do best!


Are your files a mess in DropBox? Or subscribers not segmented the way they should so they are receiving the wrong campaigns? Let’s work together and get things cleaned up!


I LOVE to research. I am always looking things up and learning all the time. Need some research done for a blog post or topic you are going to be working on? Let me do the leg work for you. 

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